1. Customers are inspired by photos, videos and exciting information about the garments they hold, bringing garments alive with personality. Customers can learn more about creations and their designers, and why they are special. They can share their selections through social media, inviting friends to contribute with ideas and opinions – in the process attracting more customers to the store.
  2. Customers can discover new products by seamlessly navigating through the multichannel continuum. Magic allows customers to effortlessly move between the real and the virtual worlds by, for example, suggesting items that are similar or complementary to the ones held, or by providing item locations within the store.
  3. Customers benefit from greater convenience. The shopping experience is not disrupted by the technology, which registers all customer selections quietly in the background. Customers can review and purchase their selections in their own time after leaving the store.
  4. Magic nurtures the relationship and connection between customers and the store. While customers browse, Magic learns about their individual preferences. In the store, customers can be approached by staff at the right moment, greeted by their name, and offered their sizes and preferences without having to ask or remember. After leaving the store, this knowledge can be used to send tailored offers and promotions, making customers feel valued and individually taken care of. With Magic, every customer is special.